This conversation class activity uses the four conjunctions (and, then, but, so) to join a series of past tense sentences. Doing this, students must create a story that describes a very ordinary day.

Basic Info

Time: 45 minutes
Level: Beginner to intermediate
Works with: conjunctions - and, but, then, so
Class size: 4+

Lesson Description

  1. Start the lesson by getting the class to suggest various verbs. Maybe put some more interesting ones up yourself, that will help the final story. Write them on a blackboard (about 20-30). verb examples: wake up, go, run, brush...
  2. Then translate the verbs into past tense. Write these also on the board. past tense: woke up, went, ran, brushed...
  3. Then use each past tense verb in a sentence. Just get each person to say one sentence going around the room. example: I woke up. , I went to work. , I ran home. , I brushed my teeth. ...
  4. Then introduce "and/but/then/so". You may want to give some examples of how they work in a sentence, talk about what it means and be sure everyone understands what each word means.
  5. Then go around the circle and get each person to say one sentence, telling the story of a day. story example: (1st person)I woke up (2nd person) then I took a shower (3rd person) and I washed my hair (4th person) but...


  • Depending on your students, you may wish to exclude "but". It's a bit tricky because it generally requires the next sentence to be a negative and contradict the previous action. (E.g. I brushed my teeth but I didn't wash my face.)
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