The concentration game is a game of memory and recall. The students have to remember what has been said before them, then they have to recall the English vocabulary of the lesson (or previous lessons) to add their own word.

See the variations section below for a version that makes a great junior high school warm up game.

Basic Info

Time: 5 - 10 minutes
Level: Elementary grade 4 - 6
Works with: Vocabulary sets
Class size: Small to large

You will need:


Lesson Description

  1. Groups of 6 - 10 should make a circle.
  2. The first student says the first word and sits down.
  3. The second student must repeat the first student and add a word of their own.
  4. The third student repeats and adds a third word of their own, and so on.
  5. The game ends when a student can't recall all the previous words or can't think of an original word quick enough.


  • If you don't want students making circles, try lunch groups (great in large classes) or rows.
  • Make a rule for the words:
    • Set a category, such as fruit, sports, food, etc.
    • All words must start with "R".
    • Words must be verbs/actions.


  • Junior high school warm up version - (with a little added pressure)
    Instead of groups, do it criss-cross style where, starting with all students in a row standing, let the Home Room Teacher say the first word, you say the second and the first student in the standing row to raise their hand repeats and adds their own third word. That student then sits down. The next standing student to raise their hand is next. The last student standing dictates which column then stands and the game repeats. If a student ever makes a mistake, everyone gets to sit down and it becomes that column that then stands.


  • Students often want to help each other. This game works true to its roots when you control the game and everyone is watching one student try to recall all the words. However, in English class, the memory aspect of this game is just a tool to make saying a bunch of words a little more fun - meaning, it's not what is important.
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