To practice the question and answer for "What do you want?", students exchange letter cards trying to spell out simple words. When a word is complete, points are earned.

Basic Info

Time: 10 mins
Level: Elementary grade 5-6
Works with: What do you want?
Class size: Small to large

You will need:

  • One set of alphabet cards per pair
    (cut from back of Hi, friends! 1 textbook, p.47-49)
  • A list of words for students to attempt.


  1. In pairs, students lay one full set of alphabet cards between them. Janken to decide who starts.
  2. Loser asks "What do you want?" Winner replies "The 'C' card, please."
  3. Loser hands over the card. "Here you are." "Thank you."
  4. Change role, repeat.

Once a student makes a word, they get the points for that word then put those cards back into the middle. (One set means only one set of vowels, which limits how many words can be made.)


  • Go over the word list before you play this game so students know all the words they are trying to make.


This game is a focus game. It works well towards the end of the class to bring students excitement back down, if you have played some load, high energy games during class.

This activity works well as part of Hi, friends! 1 Lesson 6.

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