The circle memory game is a way to practice new vocab or short phrases in a group in a fun and challenging way. The main challenge is trying to remember everything that has been said so far!

Basic Info

Time: 5-10 mins
Level: any
Works with: new vocabulary
Class size: any

You will need:

  • nothing


  1. Students make a group of 4-6 and sit in a circle.
  2. The first student says the first vocab word or phrase.
  3. The second student repeats the first student's word and adds their own.
  4. The third repeats the first and second students' words then again, adds their own. And so on.

The game ends when one student makes a mistake or takes too long trying to remember.


  • Demonstrate how to start counting down from 5 when someone is taking a long time remembering.
  • Likewise, demonstrate how to react when someone makes a mistake. (I like to give students some kind of exaggerated gesture to do as a group to make failing something worth laugh about.)


  • This game serves its purpose well, but it can also get boring. Keep your eyes on the students and move the lesson along before they lose interest completely.


The circle memory game works with any age. Older students may find the memory aspect of it quite challenging but all the more reason to play!

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