Cartoon birthdays lets you chat with elementary aged students about birthdays, months, and dates by connecting to your students through something that is of interest to most young people - cartoon characters. 

Basic Info

Time: 5 mins
Level: Elementary grade 5 or 6
Works with: Works with months/ birthdays
Class size: any size

You will need:

  • to print out some pictures or make a slideshow for presentation.



  1. Introduce a cartoon/anime character by asking students if they know this person. Ideally, most students should know.
  2. Ask the students if they know the character's birthday.
    To introduce this question, you could ask the teacher his/her birthday, the teacher could ask you your birthday then you could ask the teacher if they know the character's birthday. When they reply "I don't know.", that's when you ask the students.
  3. Students get into groups and discuss when they think the birthday is.
  4. Each group answers which month they think.
  5. Announce the correct answer.
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