Students practice introducing themselves (Hello, my name is ~.) and pretend that each time they shake hands they change bodies (or names). A lot of fun and to be honest, quite mentally challenging (but in a completely fun and hilarious way).

This game, also known as the biribiri game, is basically like Freaky Friday for introductions, where each hand shake results in a body change.

Basic Info

Time: 5 mins
Level: Elementary
Works with: My name is ~.
Class size: 5+

You will need:

  • nothing


  1. Students walk around and find a partner.
  2. In pairs, they introduce themselves.
  3. After saying their names, they shake hands and with a jolt of electricity*, change bodies!
  4. Say goodbye and repeat.

*The jolt of electricity is the name-change (or body change) mechanism, and is where the name "biribiri game" comes from. Biribiri is the Japanese sound of getting electrocuted.

The changing bodies part just means you take your partner's name and use that for your next introduction. After the first round, everyone will be using someone else's name and every time they speak to someone, they get a new name so it is quite a challenge.


  • Demonstrate the body change with a handshake while shaking like you're being electrocuted.
  • Finish the game by getting everyone in a circle, holding hands and have a final body change so everyone is "back in their own bodies".


Students really enjoy this game but it's a super short one. Keep it short and it will stay fresh and be great for review.

Students actually enjoy this game so much they request it! I had taken a day off and a colleague had introduced my students to this game. When I came back, they all wanted to play it again and taught me how to play it.

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