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Up until recently I haven't really seen much of Japanese music, apart from the stuff we are blasted with in our daily lives. Up until recently, that is.

This is a response to the article entitled 10 reasons to become an ALT in Japan. While there are many people who come to Japan and work successfully as an ALT for a year or two, there are many complaints and even a few people who have more complaints than reasons to stay and have to leave before they initially planned to. Note: This article is quite negative but your own experience is what you make it.

This page details the varying salary you will receive on a month by month basis if you are employed with Interac Co Ltd as an ALT teaching English in Japan.

Are you thinking about going to Japan? Are you considering living in Japan for a year to experience Japan life? Well, you wouldn't be the first and you won't be the last - Japan is a country that holds an interest for a lot of people and becoming an English teacher for a year is one to get to Japan.

This page is to detail alternatives to electronic dictionaries.


Smartphones are your best bet for an alternative to an electronic dictionary. With the touch screen interface, many dictionary apps will allow you to enter kanji by drawing it out - absolutely essential when you don't know the reading for it and therefore can't type it out in hiragana.

I recently bought an electronic dictionary. It is the Sharp "Brain", model number: PW-AC910. Some of the features this badboy has are great and I recommend you make sure your electronic dictionary has these features if you are in the market anytime soon.

Learning Japanese is not an easy task, but there are lots of resources available online to help your study. Here we have a list of free online Japanese study resources - feel free to add to this list too!

Japanese vocabulary and common phrases for beginners including numbers, colors, greetings, apologies, thanks, question words, directions, and even more.

This page is for tips on how to remember Japanese hiragana, by associating each hiraganan with a mental image.

My main online study tool up till recently has been and I have written a little about my experience with RTK. However, I have recently started using another website too, by the name of

I am studying Japanese and have recently taken the N4 JLPT test. One of the tools I have used to help me feel confident enough to try the N4 is a website called Read the Kanji -

For recipes, cooking inspiration or for finding American, English or other foreign food online in Japan.

Cooking rice in a Japanese rice cooker is very simple once you know the basics. Make sure you get these three steps right and you'll have delicious, perfectly cooked rice from your rice cooker.

Now that you know how to cook white rice in your rice cooker, you can use it to make some sushi rolls! Here's a how to make a beautiful sushi roll in 6 steps.