Rather than create a worksheet and use a lot of paper, doing a blackboard survey puts all the information up on the board for all students to see and review once the communication part of the activity is over.

This activity works well with most walk-and-talk information collecting communication activities. Also, it's a no-prep activity so you can use it any time.

Basic Info

Time: 10 mins
Level: Elementary grade 5 or 6
Works with: Questions about each other
Class size: Medium to large

You will need:


  1. Draw lines to divide the board vertically by the number of students.
  2. Every student comes up and writes their name at the bottom, each in their own column.
  3. Draw lines across the board horizontally for each question the students will ask each other.
  4. Students walk around, talk to each other and once they have an answer, come to the board and write the answer in the appropriate space.


  • Have students do janken then only the winner asks the question. This cuts the number of students milling around the board in half.
  • Make the area in front of the board a no-talk zone. The talking zone should be clear of the board. This stops students talking right in front of the board and blocking it for others.


  • Do not try this with younger elementary students. The concept of information in a table layout is still beyond them.


This can be used often with Hi, friends! 1 and Hi, friends! 2 lessons.

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