This is a way to make the daily greeting more active, a great greeting activity for kindergarten English lessons.

Basic Info

Time: 5 minutes
Level: Kindergarten/Preschool
Works with: Greetings
Class size: Any size

You will need:

  • A big ball (such as an exercise ball)

Lesson Description

  1. Come into the class with a big ball.
  2. Greet everyone as a group, as you normally might.
  3. Next make a show of having the ball in your hands. Greet the other teacher in the class and pass the ball to them (by rolling it along the ground).
  4. The teacher will reply to your greeting and roll the ball back to you.
  5. Next, choose a child from the group and greet them, roll the ball to them and see if they can follow the lead by replying to your greeting and rolling the ball back.


  • Because this is a solo speaking activity, try to pick the most confident kids to go first, then encourage some of the less confident kids to try.
  • Also, keep the greeting simple and easy, so the activity can progress quickly.


  • Try getting everyone in a big circle, and after the kids get comfortable replying to you, get them to roll the ball to each other.


  • As with all solo speaking activities, some of the less capable students might not enjoy it, so keep the greeting simple.
  • Also with all solo speaking activities, preschool age kids lose interest quickly. Try adding gestures that everyone can do while the one person is speaking.
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