Doing the 'best time challenge' is just a fun way to get an elementary class to practice asking and answering a target dialogue a few times as a class. Nothing special, but it works and the students get into it.

Basic Info

Time: 5 minutes
Level: Elementary grade 4 - 6
Works with: Dialogue - A question and answer set
Class size: Medium to large

You will need:

  • A stopwatch

Lesson Description

  1. Ensure the class is able to say the question and answer.
  2. Students ask the question and answer, one by one, around the class so explain to the students how that will work (for example, up and down the desk rows).
  3. Ask the first student the question. They reply to you.
  4. The first student asks the second student and after replying the second student asks the third student, and so on. Continue until everyone in the class has spoken.
  5. When everyone finishes, make a big show of stopping your timer and telling them their time.
  6. OK. One more time! Time challenge! - This time, they should try to beat their first time that you secretly recorded.


  • The school will have stopwatches but there may not be one in each class, so ask someone before the class to borrow one.


  • For some classes, this activity is no problem. For other classes it can be a bit boring. Don't try to beat the time too many times.


  • Alternatively, let the first time be a practice, the second time is to see how quickly they can do it, the third time is to see if they can beat that time.
  • A thematically different but similar game because it uses time is the bomb game - a high tension alternative.
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