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# Arniel 2016-06-29 07:33
What are the typical activity of an ALT english teacher in high school in japan?
# 2016-07-04 04:57
Hi Arniel,

Though I don't teach English in high school, I have some friends who do and the main difference between the average day for a junior high school ALT (" f-an-alt-in-the-country") and a high school ALT is that the high school ALT's, sometimes called NESs (native English speakers) or NETs (native English teachers), is that the high school ALT is given the class to teach. The main teacher is simply there to fulfill the legal obligation of the school to have a registered teacher in the classroom.

I have heard first hand stories of the teachers coming along to class and going to sleep in a chair in the back of the class. Not even offering the assistance of crowd control. Though it must be extremely fun and challenging (in a good way) to be given all that responsibility. (I guess that depends on your perspective. I know many ALT's who's experience as ALT's seems to have given them an impression that their job is to spend hours browsing the internet and resent class time.)

Anyway, on the other hand, a junior high school ALT is there in a support capacity for the Japanese English teacher. Good English teachers will collaborate with good ALT's on lesson plans. Bad English teachers will use good ALT's as tape recorders. If it's a bad ALT, then I feel sorry for the English teacher, be they good or bad.
# Emon 2016-08-30 12:56
Hi there
I want to teach English online and I don't know the system so please could you help me.
# 2016-08-30 13:30
Hi Emon,

I looked into teaching online some time ago and it seems like many places want you to be from somewhere - they sell you by your nationality. A quick google search should turn up some results.

Or have a look at:

Hope that helps!
# Emon 2016-08-31 08:36
Thank you so much but I have a kid and she is very young so it will be very difficult to teach online with lots of noise. Can you help me find another online job like writing an article or something?
Please help me.
# 2016-09-05 01:33
Hi Emon,

Hmmm, it's possible to make money writing but be warned that you will be one of many. Have a look at this article I've written a while ago.
# ptrguy 2017-06-09 03:05
I have been in Japan for 6 years. This is my second time teaching in kansai, as a ALT teacher. I'm at a high school and I just started last month here. My goal is to become a great ALT teacher and I am always looking to get better as a teacher every lesson. For you guys that have experience teaching in japan. Can you please give me a few tips,that can help me reach my teaching goals for this term. It's really stuff at the school I am at. Because I am working with 9 teachers at this school and they have been teaching for 20 years. So, they are set in their ways. Let me share my biggest problems with you giuys. Then please share your tips and ideas with me. Thanks in advance too. The teachers hear never give me the lesson plans early enough,so I find myself trying to prepare for the lesson,15 minutes before I teach them!

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