Animal train is a very fun and noisy game for an elementary English lesson on animal names and onomatopoeic animal sounds.

Outdated - Please Archive

Upon review, I have decided the below is a pretty terrible way to use animals sounds in a lesson.

Here's what I think is a better way to use animal sounds in an English lesson.

Basic Info

Time: 5 - 10 minutes
Level: Elementary grade 1 - 3
Works with: Animals and animal noises
Class size: Medium to large

You will need:

  • A roll of masking tape

Lesson Description

  1. Clear the floor of desks and chairs. Create a course on floor by sticking down masking tape. Make the course long and windy, from one corner of the room to the other. If it crosses, that's ok, but too much might be confusing.
  2. Divide the class into two teams. Each team goes to an opposite corner.
  3. You call out an animal name. The students start making the sound that animal makes (preferably using the English onomatopoeia’s) and walks along the track. You can also get them to move like the animal.
  4. When the two teams paths cross, or they meet in the middle of the track, they should get a fright and run back to the start.


  • If you want, play music in the background to set a beat or just to give some background noise to encourage everyone to start making noises.
  • Call out different animals as the students walk along the path
  • If it is a nice day, try doing this outside.
  • You can do it in the gym for more space and you can have more teams. Let the kids follow any line painted on the court and set the boundary with cones.
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