This is a general and unbiased review of AEON Corporation.

Application Process

Applying to work for AEON from outside Japan should generally be done before March, but each interview location around the world has a different application deadline. You can see all the deadlines on their website here.

Giving the process up to six months (from application to departure) is recommended, to allow for various processes involved with application and visa acquisition.

Applicant Requirements

Applicants are required to have a bachelor degree from a country where English is the spoken language, or if you are not from an English speaking country, then you are required to have 10 years formal education from an institute where everything is taught in English.


AEON will sponsor your visa.

Salary or wages

Salary with AEON is ¥270,000 per month.

Working Conditions


Training will start after you arrive in Japan. You will receive a week of training. Training will be teaching training and also other stuff related to working as an instructor at AEON such as cultural training etc.

At Work

You will be at work between 12pm and 9pm, but not necessarily for the whole time, depending on the schedule. You will teach up to 30 classes of 50 minutes each week.

You will be working with kids or kids and adults, depending on what you have selected.


You are entitled to three one week holidays and 5 personal days, subject to the approval of your office.

You are also be free on the Japanese public holidays, which occur about once every month.

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