This is a great way for the young students to expend all that excited energy - fair warning: you'll need a lot of energy too!

Basic Info

Time: 10+ minutes
Level: Kindergarten/Preschool
Works with: Actions (stand up, etc)
Class size: Medium to Large

You will need:

  • Lots of energy!
  • A clear space

Lesson Description

  1. Make sure you have a big enough area to move around in. If the students are at tables, push everything to the side and have the students sit on the floor in front of you.
  2. Say "stand up" in a loud, repeat after me kind of voice. Stand up and gesture the students to stand up too. If they don't repeat, give them a hint that they should be repeating as well as doing.
  3. Work on stand up and sit down a few times, then add jump. Do that a few times, then add turn around. Finally add touch your head and touch your nose.
  4. Next, test by remembering 3 actions all together. Tell everyone, repeat together then do it together while chanting the 3 actions. (This is a challenge for pre-schoolers.)


  • Start with everyone sitting down and end that way.
  • You will get tired, and so will the students. Take a break every so often by seeing if they understand the new word you have just learnt. You say it in English, they say it in Japanese. ("Stand up, 意味は(imi wa)?") will get the right response.
  • When doing the memory challenge at the end, do it a few times yourself first, then see if any students want to try giving three commands to remember.


  • The students can remember 3 quite well as a group, but asking one to do it them self is a bit tricky.
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