When you get to the "have vs has" lesson with your 1st grade junior high school students, here is a nice game to give them lots of chances to think about which word is the appropriate one to use with each pronoun (I, He, She, They, etc). It's a level up on Karuta (aka snap).

Basic Info

Time: 10 - 20 minutes
Level: Junior high grade 1
Works with: have vs has, play vs plays lesson
Class size: 2+

You will need:

  • Cards or paper for each pair (or group) with the words "have", "has", "play", "plays", "like" and "likes"

Lesson Description

  1. Hand out cards to each pair (or group)
  2. Say a sentence, omitting the verb. eg "He **** a pencil."
  3. Students quickly slap their hands down on the word that correctly completes the sentence. In the example above, the correct answer would be "has". The card should be left on the table for the next round.


  • When saying something like "Mr. Chiba **** sports", it can be either "likes" or "plays" so adding a little gesture can help.
  • After each round, have the winner hold the card up and everyone say the correct sentence to also practice speaking.
  • Make a noise where the missing word should be. "He hmmmmmm a pencil."
  • Show the kids what you are planning to do by writing an example on the board. eg "He ________ a pencil." Ask the class what goes in the space.


  • ...


  • Without practicing, I can imagine this would be very difficult for some kids. Do a few written versions first to let them see the aim of the game.
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