Lesson 7 What's this?


Goals for Lesson 7 (5th Grade)

Vocabulary Various nouns
Dialogue What's this?
It's an apple.
Other Letters also used.

4 class hours are recommended for Hi, friends! 1 Lesson 7 by MEXT. Here's the official MEXT lesson plans pdf download.

Lesson 7 grammar looks at asking and answering "What's this?"

The vocabulary is various nouns - common words students can use to answer the question.

This very simple lesson has one common snag point - "a" or "an". It's a very easy place for students to make errors so after explaining the difference, don't worry when students make errors. Promote communication ability over perfect grammar.

Also, because it's so simple, you may not want to do the full four classes for Lesson 7.

Hi, friends! Plus Worksheet Download


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