Lesson 6 What do you want?


Goals for Lesson 6 (5th Grade)

Vocabulary Various nouns
Names of letters (alphabet)
Numbers 1~60
Dialogue What do you want?
"C" card please.
Other Here you are.
Thank you.

4 class hours are recommended for Hi, friends! 1 Lesson 6 by MEXT. Here's the official MEXT lesson plans pdf download.

Grammar for this lesson focuses on "What do you want?"

Vocabulary is all about being able to answer this question, but also includes the name of the letters and as a review, numbers.

In Japanese, the "letters" don't have names. The way they are read and their name is the same. Not so for English. Each letter has a name and has one or more ways to read (pronounce) it when part of a word. Students may not need to be told this, but it's good to know as a teacher that, even if they don't realise it consciously, student may struggle with the idea of a letter having a name and a sound(s).

Hi, friends! Plus Worksheet Download


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