Hi, friends! 1

Lesson 2 I'm happy.


Goals for Lesson 2 (5th Grade)

Vocabulary Feelings
Dialogue How are you?
I'm good.
Other Colloquial expressions

2 class hours are recommended for Hi, friends! 1 Lesson 2 by MEXT - here's the official MEXT lesson plans pdf download.

Vocabulary goals include personal condition/ feelings (I'm fine/good/cold/etc) as well as a few colloquial expressions (good luck/etc)thrown in there as well.

Grammar includes "How are you?" for asking about others and telling them how you are.

I suspect this lesson was designed for students who haven't studied English before. If you are teaching at a school where students are already comfortable with "How are you?", my opinion is that this content can be covered in one class rather than the recommended two.


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