Students walk around drawing things for their friends. First they ask what their talking partner wants, then beat the clock drawing it for them. Lot's of fun and simulates real use of the language.

Basic Info

Time: 10 minutes
Level: Elementary, Grade 5, 6
Works with: What do you want?
Class size: Medium to Large

You will need:

  • scrap paper (A4 cut in half or quarters works well)


  1. Every student starts with a peice of paper. Walk around, find a partner.
  2. Janken, loser asks: "What do you want?"
  3. Winner replies: "3 apples, please." (Anything is ok. See tips)
  4. Loser draws it for the winner. Winner counts time and calls "Stop." when time is up.
  5. "Here you are."
    "Thank you. Nice apples!"
  6. Say goodbye (I don't have students exchange roles here, mainly to avoid traffic jams at the spare paper pile.)
    Loser gets a fresh peice of paper, winner finds a new partner.


  • Encourage creative answers. "Dinosaur, please." "Eiffel Tower, please." Discourage craziness like "38 pineapples, please."
  • Demonstrate with the homeroom teacher first. (Not all HRT's are agreeable, but I've gotten better at getting along with bad ones.)
  • Let the students use Japanese for the nouns, for example "A taiyaki, please."






Students love this game, teachers too. It has a little preparation (which is more than I prefer) but it's only cutting some paper in half so it's not too bad.

This activity works well as part of Hi, friends! 1 Lesson 6.

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