Students practice introducing themselves (Hello, my name is ~.) and pretend that each time they shake hands they change bodies. A lot of fun and to be honest, quite mentally challenging (but in a completely fun and hilarious way).

Basic Info

Time: 5 mins
Level: Elementary
Works with: My name is ~.
Class size: 5+

You will need:

  • nothing


  1. Students walk around and find a speaking partner.
  2. In pairs, they introduce themselves.
  3. After saying their names, they shake hands and change bodies!
  4. After saying goodbye, they introduce themselves using their previous partner's name.

In other words, you start by using your own name, then you use your first partner's name with your second partner. After that, the names you hear and subsequently use could be anyone from the class.


  • Demonstrate the body change with a handshake while shaking like you're being electrocuted.
  • Finish the game by getting everyone in a circle, holding hands and have a final body change so everyone is "back in their own bodies".


Students really enjoy this game but it's a super short one. Keep it short and it will stay fresh and be great for review.

It was shown to me by students who a co-worker had taught for me when I took a day off. When I came back, they were all  talking about this game and subsequently taught me how to play it!

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